The Prince's Edict

These are the words of the Prince, the Laws of this Domain, and the Courtesies of Redding.

All who visit this Domain must obey these Laws.

Ignorance of the Law is not a defense against the Law.

These words will be posted in Elysium for all to see, and the Primogen of each Clan is responsible for teaching these Laws to each member of their Clan that enters the Domain of Redding.

The First Tradition: Masquerade

Do not reveal yourself to any mortal within the Domain, and do not allow any mortal to gain knowledge of your nature or our society.

I am the final judge who determines if the Masquerade has been breached. To break the first Tradition is to put all Kindred at risk, and I will sit in judgment of any who violate this Law and determine fitting punishment.

Any who use their Influence over the mortal world to uphold the Masquerade will be rewarded. I or the Harpy shall judge what rewards are appropriate for those who protect the Masquerade.

The Second Tradition: Domain

The Domain of Redding is mine, as are the mortal cities of Anderson and Shasta Lake, and all the surrounding lands. Any who enter my Domain are subject to my Laws and my Judgment.

In honor of their loyal service, I bequeath the following hunting grounds:

To the Tremere I grant the City of Shasta Lake, The Turtle Bay Hunting Ground, and all lands in between.

To the Nosferateu I grant the hunting grounds of Hartnell and East Enterprise, and all lands within my Domain to the East of these hunting grounds.

To the Brujah I grant the Southern reaches of my Domain, including all hunting grounds ranging from Centerville to the City of Anderson.

To the Gangrel I grant the lands of Whiskeytown and French Gulch, and all of the wilderness West of Redding.

To the Malkavians I grant Mercy Medical Center and all the lands West of Downtown and East of Gangrel Territory.

For myself and Clan Ventrue I reserve the Downtown Hunting Ground, West Enterprise, Bonnyview, and all other lands that I have not entrusted to the other Clans.

As there is no Toreador or Assamite Primogen within this Domain no lands will be granted to these Clans. Until a Primogen of these Clans is named visiting members of these Clans may make use of the Downtown and Bonnyview hunting grounds, so long as they stay in my good graces.

The Third Tradition: Progeny

To sire new Progeny you must secure the permission of your Primogen, and he in turn must have my permission.

To bolster the defenses of Redding I have granted special dispensation to the Kindred of my Domain to freely Embrace new Progeny, as long as they are sworn to protect the Domain and the Camarilla.

Until I am satisfied that there are enough loyal Kindred to defend my Domain all recognized Kindred may create new Progeny.

When this grace period is over it will be announced in Elysium, and at that time Kindred may no longer Embrace Childer without my express permission, and the permission of their Clan elders.

The Fourth Tradition: Accounting

All Childer Embraced within my Domain are the responsibility of their Sire. For the first year of a Childer’s new life they will share the punishments for any crimes they commit with their Sire.

All Kindred within the Domain are expected to present their Childer to me at the end of their first month of new life, and again at the end of their first year.

At the end of their first year all Childer must be able to recite the Traditions and demonstrate personal knowledge of the Traditions’ meanings, or they will face Destruction.

After a Childer’s first year, and after they have demonstrated knowledge of the Traditions, they will be considered full Kindred and their Sires will be free of the Tradition of Accounting.

Caitiff are not subject to these laws. Any Caitiff discovered within my Domain are subject to summary Destruction in order to prevent them from weakening our Blood. If a Kindred within my Domain chooses they may adopt a Caitiff into their Clan in order to spare them from Destruction, but as long as that Caitiff remains within my Domain their sponsor will be responsible for them as if they were a Childer.

The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality

All Kindred are expected to present themselves to me or to my Seneschal within the first month that they enter my Domain. Until a Kindred has presented themselves to the Court of Redding they are not permitted to hunt anywhere within the Domain.

Once a Kindred has presented themselves to the Court they may make free use of any hunting grounds reserved for their Clan, or any hunting grounds that I have made available to all Kindred. This includes the Downtown and Bonnyview hunting grounds.

To all Kindred within my Domain I will make an Elysium available. This haven shall be free of use to all Kindred, even those who do not follow the Traditions of the Camarilla.

Any violence committed within Elysium by a Kindred against another Kindred will be punished most severely. I reserve the privilege of deciding appropriate punishment for anyone who breaks the peace of Elysium. Kindred who have been placed on the Red List or against whom I have declared a Blood Hunt are exempt from Elysium within my Domain, and should not be allowed to know peace for even a moment while within my Domain.

Destruction of any art displayed within Elysium, the vulgar disruption of music or ambience, and the use of Disciplines will all be punished in the same manner as an act of violence. Elysium is a place of peace, and an atmosphere of civility should be maintained at all times.

I may choose to relocate Elysium at any time that I choose, but out of respect for the Kindred of my Domain I will not move the site of Elysium more than once each month, unless an emergency requires it. Once I have selected a new Keeper for my Domain they may petition me to establish a more permanent Elysium.

The Sixth Tradition: Destruction

The Destruction of Kindred within my Domain is my right alone. Any Kindred that I find guilty of destroying one of their own kind outside of the rules presented here will be subject to Blood Hunt, and may be destroyed by any loyal member of the Domain.

Any criminal on the Red List or any criminal that I have declared a Blood Hunt against is not protected by this Tradition within my Domain, and anyone may destroy these criminals at will. However, no Kindred within my Domain is permitted to feed on the Heart’s Blood of another Kindred, for any reason.

During the first year of a Childer’s life her Sire may choose to Destroy her at any time. Sires who kill their Childer during this time will not be punished for doing so. However, once a Childer has passed their first year and been presented to me under the Tradition of Accounting her Sire is no longer permitted the right of Destruction without presenting good cause.

Caitiff who enter my Domain are not considered to be of the Blood, and may be destroyed at any time I choose. These thin-blooded abominations are not true Kindred, and it is the responsibility of all Kindred to destroy them to prevent them from weakening us further.

Any Kindred within my Domain may choose to adopt a Caitiff in order to prevent their Destruction. However, as long as the Caitiff remains within my Domain their adopted Sire is responsible for them as if they were a Childer under the Tradition of Accounting.

The Prince's Edict

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