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For many years the City of Redding has been a quiet and isolated city in the World of Darkness, and has gone unnoticed by the supernatural forces ravaging the Earth. But now threats begin to gather around the City which will shatter the fragile peace. Werewolves in the North, Sabbat to the East, Anarchists in the South, and Hunters in the West, all prepare to fight for the City’s fate.

Will a flood of fresh young Cainites invited by the Prince defend the status quo, or will they choose to carve their own destinies as the City descends into madness?

Three Cities by Night takes place in an Alternate Redding, as well as the neighboring cities of Shasta Lake and Anderson. The game uses the 2013 Mind’s Eye Theatre Rules published by Night Studios.

Except for small changes to the Influence System, the game uses the rules exactly as published, and is designed to be welcoming to both new and veteran players.

Home Page

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