Influence System

Increasing Influence

Purchasing Influences with experience is easier than other backgrounds, and will always cost (New Level x1) Experience Points, regardless of the Generation of your character.

Expanded Background

In this game the Influence Background is divided into two separate backgrounds, Elite Influence and Underworld Influence. Both of these backgrounds work exactly the same way as the original Influence background.

The total number of Influence actions a character can take each month is determined by the total rating they have in both Influence Backgrounds.

Influence Specialties

The available Influence Specialties in this game are limited to those listed here. Each time a character gains a level in an Influence they can choose a new Specialty for that Influence. The Specialties a character chooses will affect what rumors they will have access to before each game, and what Influence actions they can take.

In addition, players should choose a specific center of power for each of their Influences to add depth to the game’s story. For example, a character who has just gained a specialty in Elite Media might choose a local television news station as the seat of power for his new Influence.

Crime: The crime rate in Redding is nearly double the average for cities in California, and includes a wide variety of violent crime, drug dealing, theft, and even white collar crime and corruption. This specialty covers a wide range of criminal behavior.

Culture: Although Redding is not widely known as a center for culture, it has many art galleries, theaters, dance studios, and independent artists who can be influenced.

Education: Redding is the home of several places of higher-education, some of which ae purely local, and others that are world famous. This influence not only covers teachers and administrations from these institutions, but also students groups and movements.

Entertainment: There are few major entertainment studios in Redding, but this Influence still covers the dozens of smaller production companies involved in everything from entertainment software, to adult entertainment, and mainstream to indie productions.

Fashion: Although Redding is not known for fashion there are still many local boutiques and designers who can be influenced.

Finance: Redding is a surprisingly major player in finance, and is home to many banks, credit unions, payday loaners, gold traders and other financial institutions with wide influence over all of Northern California.

Gang: Gangs are a small but growing problem in Redding, and can be a source of useful muscle to anyone with influence over them. These range from legitimate neighborhood watches and vigilante groups all the way to drug cartels, violent street gangs, and outlaw biker clubs.

Industry: Industry in Redding has been in steady decline for many years, but there are still valuable lumber, fiberglass, and waste collection industries in Redding that can be influenced. This also includes influence over labor unions and labor advocate groups.

Internet: Internet service and businesses are rapidly growing in Redding. This Influence includes bloggers, social networking, and the darker illegal trade sites that exist within Northern California.

Law: This influence can affect not only the many private practice lawyers in Redding, but also the Shasta County Courts, District Attorney, and the darker side of the law represented by bail bondsmen and bounty hunters.

Media: Redding is a major hub for local news agencies and communication for all of Northern California, and even into neighboring Oregon and Nevada. This Influence covers television, radio, and print media news outlets and organizations based in Redding.

Medicine: Redding is a major retirement community, with a constant demand for nurses and medical facilities. This Influence is powerful and wide-ranging in Redding, covering hospitals, hospices, private practices and even alternative medicine sources like dispensaries.

Police: Although Redding has a lower number of Police per capita than most other cities its size, the Police are still a powerful force in the city. This Influence covers not only individual police, but also police policy, deployment, and ongoing investigations.

Politics: Like most American cities, politics is big business in Redding. This influence not only affects local elections and government services, but also specific individual political leaders and their agendas.

Religion: Redding is world famous as a center for Christian learning. While few other religions have a major presence here, this Influence has wide-ranging control on the mortal population by affecting church elders, priests and pastors, and local church policies and traditions.

Street: Redding is also widely known for both their large and diverse migrant homeless population. This Influence affects not only this big and constantly moving group, but also the rebellious street culture of the city’s youth.

Transportation: Situated along the I-5 corridor, Redding is a center for both train and truck freight and trade. This Influence covers not only the policies and practices of freight transport through Redding, but also organizations like the Teamster’s union and even illegal smuggling.

Travel: Redding is a popular stop for tourists, both visiting the area or just passing through. This Influence covers not only local tourism and travel, but also businesses like taxi drivers and the many local hotels.

Influence System

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